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User Engagement and Conversational Agents

User Engagement and Conversational Agents


One of the goals of a conversational agent is to offer an engaging user interface by providing an illusion of intelligent presence. Engagement-aware systems require both the ability to detect the level of user attention, and strategies or behaviours to maintain engagement. When the interface is conversational in nature, performance of the agent is often an important factor in selecting the best strategy, particularly if the intention is to maintain the illusion of conversing with an intelligent entity.

Evaluation of engagement in conversational agents is typically based on methods for detecting non-verbal communication, such as eye gaze, which are often obtrusive.

The proposed alternative is to take advantage of the conversational record to understand how the agent is performing. A method for analyzing the conversational record is described. A pilot study was carried out performing an initial partial analysis of existing logs and compared to user reported levels of engagement.

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Better to be Frustrated than Bored

Better to be Frustrated than Bored

R. S. J. d. Baker, S. K. D’Mello, M. M. T. Rodrigo, and A. C. Graesser, “Better to be frustrated than bored: The incidence, persistence, and impact of learners’ cognitive–affective states during interactions with three different computer-based learning environments,” International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, vol. 68, no. 4, pp. 223–241, Apr. 2010.

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