Intelligent Door Operator System

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This intelligent door control system was successfully developed to provide an unprecedented obstruction detection performance. Doors controlled by this system would never hurt or injure a passenger and, a first in the industry, would never allow a train to move with a passenger's shirt, coat, or even a toggle cord or purse/handbag strap caught in the door. The control unit is easily tunable and adaptable to a multitude of possible door assemblies and configurations. Philip Calamatas (Electronic Engineer - inventor), Serge Springer (Mechanicl Engineer), and Steven Potter (Software Engineer) remain very proud of this accomplishment. Steven's suggested slogan for this product (e.g. at trade show exhibits): Is the competition ready to 'Throw in the towel'?
Added on Sep 5, 2008 by SPotter
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  door  control  obstruction  detection  system  rail  car  passenger  safety 
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