Examining Usability Guidelines for Mobile Learning Portals

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Ten usability guidelines were created to help design highly effective, easy to use, satisfactory, and quality mobile learning portals for hand held devices. These guidelines need to be tested in order to prove their validity and reliability, so that the evidence makes them accepted as appropriate for instructional design strategies and mobile curriculum development. One approach is to do self-reporting field tests with prototypes adhering to the ten usability guidelines. Participants are given a pre-test questionnaire to determine what they think and feel about mobile learning portals. Then, they are given a week to use the prototype with a range of tasks. By self-reporting their experiences along the same questions they did in the pre-test, they are well prepared to remember and answer a post-test questionnaire afterwards. The purpose is to build up concrete empirical evidence to support or to refute the assumptions presented by these ten usability guidelines.
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