A Multimodal Prototype 3D Modeling System for Design Sketchi

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Designers have been resistant to use 3D modeling systems for sketching in the early stages of the design process. The drawbacks of current 3D modeling systems consist of input devices that do not behave similarly to traditional sketching tools, interfaces that interrupt the design creativity process, and the difficulty to sketch in a 3D environment using a 2D drawing surface. Many current 3D modeling systems include features to aid designers with the sketching process. However, these features have not previously been used in combination for one complete system. This paper proposes a 3D modeling system that implements multi-touch interfaces, voice command recognition, and haptic technologies for user interaction and will include input devices that behave like their traditional counterparts. The design process will be complemented by the addition of predictive and suggestive line completion based on the recognition of sketching patterns and reconstructive algorithms. The prototype will be tested and observed under laboratory conditions. Analysis of the results of the test will result in enhanced functionality and the recommendations for the addition or removal of features of the prototype.
Added on Apr 1, 2012 by darinhobbs
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