TMA 4 Presentation: Social Computing Privacy and Security

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Computer and human interaction has evolved and reached new levels with the advent of social networks and social computing. This paper investigates challenges with social computing, particularly technical challenges around the collection and management of data, security and privacy and mobile social computing. The number of users of social computing systems has grown exponentially and managing all the data produced by all the users presents a monumental infrastructure challenge. Social computing organizations have deployed hundreds of thousands of servers to safely store and quickly retrieve data. Privacy and security manifest themselves in many different ways, a level of confidence in the organizations handling of private data is necessary to attract users. Organizations user privacy policy set the legal limits to what and organization intends and is allowed to do with a userís private info. Additionally an organization needs to protect the dataís confidentiality, availability and integrity from malicious hackers. Finally and organization needs to protect users from other users, mainly minor or vulnerable users from predators and bullies. Finally there is the challenge of mobile computing which introduces an extra dimension of physical space in addition to the time and content of all users data. With mobile computing users content is superimposed with time and space factors that draws a complete picture of a userís activities and the organization now needs to handle that extra dimension in all its system design, data management, and privacy challenges.

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  COMP648  Social  Computing  Privacy  Security 
  COMP648 - Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction  
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