Context-Aware Mobile Role Playing Game (CAM-RPG) is a MMORPG in the real world

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In 2010, the research team of context-aware sub-project developed a Context-Aware Mobile Educational Game (CAMEG). The game generated a series of learning activities (i.e., a learning activity chain) to enable the students to interact with specific real (e.g., projector, rest room, pine tree, etc.) and virtual (payroll system, business policy, E-Commerce course, etc.) objects in authentic environments. The series of learning activities were automatically generated for individual students according to their learning history and surrounding context (i.e., learning objects associated with the chosen role that the student wants to play and the chosen learning theme, student's location, etc.). Multi-agent system design principles were adopted into the game; hence, the game could run on different smartphones easily with the help of multiple agents. In 2010, a usability assessment was conducted for the game and the results indicated that male and female participants felt quite differently towards the effectiveness of the game. In particular, female participants' responses to the perceived effectiveness and satisfaction towards the game were more positive than those of male participants. The results were aligned with other researchers' findings in the literature, that have indicated that males tend to get bored with educational games very quickly, whereas females have more positive perceptions towards such games. The research team has created a virtual science park in school campus, in which we relocate famous international business virtually to make the students have chance to visit those companies and learn concepts and products related to undergraduate level Management Information System course.

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