Pecunia - Life Simulation for Finance Education-30-second video

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Research literature from around the world suggest that younger children can benefit from finance education as much as older ones if not more. Playing games is also equally attractive for children and young adults, so combining finance education with games can provide them opportunities for learning about different financial decision through trial-and-error without putting themselves into risk situation. Pecunia (“money” in Latin) was developed with open-source Second-Life simulation server (OpenSim) and client (HippoViewer). Students assume the character of an 18 year old character (male or female), just starting out in life in terms of making various financial decisions and see through the consequences. The game provides a sound underpining of the skills needed to make good financial decisions, hence preparing students for being good citizens in later life. The financial rules can be changed so the game can be used worldwide for people in different countries.

Added on Sep 28, 2013 by maiga
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