Multiplayer Educational Game for Assessment (MEGA World)-30-second video

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MEGA World is a multiplayer educational game for assessing students' knowledge and skills in particular learning domains. Students can travel in the virtual world, meet with non-player controlled characters (NPCs), meet and talk to other players, pick-up quests from NPCs, and earn rewards from NPCs by solving the quests. With the characteristics of multiplayer role-playing game, the students can have fun while doing their homework and exercises. The multiplayer online game offers the students a forum of exchanging idea and experiences. Moreover, due to the characteristics of multiple player online games, the students can look for a certain degree of help from peers and even use the game as a social network to exchange work experiences or seek solutions to problems after graduation.

Added on Sep 28, 2013 by maiga
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  Multiplayer  Educational  Game  Assessment 
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