Improving Model Driven Software Product Line Derivation Framework for Business Domain

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Software product line derivation is a process of constructing product families from reusable artifacts like software components with the view that it will save software development time, increase software quality and decrease time to market of the product lines. Currently the activities involved in deriving software product lines not only is time consuming and error prone there is also coupling of business and cross cutting concern feature like authentication, logging, notification which makes it difficult to configure and instantiate product lines. Adopting software product line methodology in data intensive dynamic domain such as banking, insurance, e-commerce is more challenging due to changing and volatile software requirements as well as too many variability to satisfy end user needs. Without methodological approach to separate business and technical concerns of product line derivation at design and runtime the quality of software product lines will be impacted. The purpose of the research to design a conceptual model-driven software product line derivation framework to improve modularity of software product components to increase reusability, improve automation of the derivation process with validation capabilities to reduce errors and to decouple business and technical features to improve software quality, maintenance and evolution of software product lines. The proposed approach will leverage well researched area in software engineering namely model-driven engineering, component-based development, design pattern which promotes reusability and modularity. Existing work on the software product line derivation was reviewed which pave the way to improve the gaps found. It anticipated the proposed framework will serve as foundation to design a tool to manage software product line derivation in business domain.

Added on Dec 3, 2013 by eaggrey
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