Emergency Management with Human-Computer Interaction: Crowdsourcing

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In contrast to how emergency management is often understood from just monitoring on-line activity, crowdsourcing allows the change to focus where mass emergency response by the public can be powerful, self-organizing and collective intelligent power. Crowdsourcing in an emergency situation has provided us some idea on how public can contribute towards emergency relief efforts. The research problem is trying to find an answer to: How can publicly-available peer-generated information be deemed to be trustworthy, secure and accurate, so that it can be combined with official information sources for optimal, local decision-making by members of the public during wide emergency situations? This paper analyzes the crowdsourcing socio-technical tools design to better understand how accessibility and ease of use affect the quality, trustworthiness and integrity of the system and information. Additionally, empirical study results display different emergency services volunteers’ perception, needs and concerns in regards to emergency management design challenges.

Added on Nov 29, 2014 by Jeve
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