A Goal Based HCI Design Framework with Goal Virtual Desktop UI to Support Multi-tasking and Interruption Handling and Recovery

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Abstract: The interruption of people is a complex process and can negatively affect their performance [11]. Recovering from interruption often has a significant overhead cost, cognitive and manual [2, 4]. People have some natural ability to handle interruptions but need some control and interaction support [11]. If we can reduce the overheads during recovery, we can improve productivity.

There are not many complete solutions for helping people to handle and recover from interruptions. This paper proposes a complete frame work to effectively and efficiently handle interruption in order to minimize the negative effect on human performance of interruption during HCI. The propose framework addresses the issue from both human psychology and system design approaches.

This paper is structured into 5 sections. After an introduction to the research problem, the basic concept of interruption, its mechanism and handling techniques are discussed. The third section is a brief evaluation of two solutions proposed by other researchers followed by the description of the framework proposed by this paper. The fifth section is an evaluation of the proposed frame work followed by the conclusion.

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