Increasing the Value of Video Content: Making Use of the Audio Component

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An introduction to the concept of indexing video based on audio content is review through research on speech-to-text recognition, similar systems and a robust and accurate speech-to-text tool, which reduced the training time required to complete the experiment and suggests a method to improve on prior research. The paper walks through the methods to design such a system, incorporates each component showing timed results along with critical analysis of the components and prior work. The paper examines Deep Neural Network combined with Hidden Markov Models and shows substantial improvements against previous and recorded experiments and finally, shows what a system of this nature might look and perform like as a proof of concept system and offers an initial look into a method to use audio information extracted from a video a leap directly to points in the video, demonstrating the potential of content indexing.

Added on Dec 5, 2015 by mbannan
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