A survey Of Gesture Recognition Systems

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Gesture is the oldest non-verbal communication which was used before civilization. 􀁅􀅽􀇁􀀃􀄂􀀃􀄚􀄂􀇇􀍛􀆐􀀃 this is used by physically challenged persons as their medium of communication. The main purpose of gesture recognition system is to enable humans to communicate with machine. Gestures are seen as an effective alternative to input styles. In the recent era technology has evolved very quickly different companies start using in their application for everyday life use, for example to control automated houses, 3D gaming and in virtual environment. Still researchers are working to develop more efficient techniques. The main steps in a gesture recognition system are segmentation, feature extraction and recognition. In this paper different techniques present up to now will be discussed and compare these steps.

Added on Dec 6, 2015 by Abid
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