Review: Towards Heuristics for Designing Academic, Digital Content

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Many empirical and secondary studies provide guidance on e-learning design generally; however, there is a lack of comprehensive guidance on how to design written, digital, academic content (similar to textbook content) that considers how students read and learn online. A systematic review of the literature was conducted to synthesize aspects of digital content design that could be used for online instructor training for written content design. The aim of this investigation is to identify guidelines for design, readability, and usability of online, written, academic content. The secondary objective of this research is to provide a tool that can be used by academics to create and evaluate their own academic content for readability and usability. This paper presents a review of 18 studies in e-learning content design that can be used to provide detailed guidelines for higher education course design. The systematic literature review and proposed usability heuristics development is guided by methods outlined by Kitchenham (2007) [18]; and Rusu, Roncagliolo, Rusu and Collazos (2011) [32].

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  COMP648 - Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction  
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