Help Yourself! An Analysis of End User Development Tools and Methods

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End-user development (EUD) is performed at various levels throughout the organization, depending on the tools available to users, and their motivation for improving solutions and work processes. A review of 21 papers discussing various methods of EUD has found similarities between many of the methods reviewed, and exposed similarities between end-user developers, and both professional IT administrators and software developers. In a majority of cases, spreadsheets were found to play a role as either the platform for EUD, the parsed input method for programming a solution, or simply the adopted interface implemented by the solution. This review has also found that little focus has been given to standardizing EUD as a discipline, and instead focus has been on domain specific tools. With end-user developers outnumbering professional software developers, appropriate tools are required to complete their tasks, with a balance between the cost of learning, and the capability of the tool.

Added on Dec 4, 2017 by GregWidmeyer
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